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Kinetic’s performance efforts celebrate multiculturalism, wisdom, and unity, blending global folk traditions and contemporary jazz. [Bio]
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Photography: Steve Groves

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Photography: Steve Groves




Pittsburgh-based ensemble Kinetic is proud to present its newest offering, Dances of Lake Volta. Kinetic founder Joe Sheehan leads listeners on a more thorough exploration of concepts and themes rendered in 2018’s critically-acclaimed Songs of Lake Volta. Meet this musically diverse ensemble at the crossroads of Ghanaian folk tradition and improvisational jazz for a symbiotic musical experience punctuated by stunning performances and nuanced cross-genre sensitivities.

Album Cover: Samuel Boateng

Praise from "The album engages instantly when “Dusime” inaugurates it with a funky, guitar-accented pulse and vibrant harmonies. The percolating groove testifies to the dance dimension of the recording, and vocals, percussion, bass, and piano come together gloriously in this ravishing statement. As enticing are “Aklie” and “Komfo Anokye” for their entrancing folk rhythms and enchanting vocal melodies, with the latter elevated by a jazz-inflected pulse...  ...“Another Day” is irresistible, as is the celebratory closer “Subo."


SONGS OF LAKE VOLTA (2018) Ansonica Records

Featuring members of the Kassia Ensemble

Nine traditional Ghanaian songs blended with original music influenced by jazz and classical genres.

Available HERE on Amazon, Spotify, iTunes & Apple Music.

PRAISE FOR SONGS OF LAKE VOLTA "The new record ... is the best we've heard in a long time of what we call world music.” “The writing of the voice is rich and varied, expanded by instruments, such as the piano, the guitar, the bass and percussion of the Kinetic group and the stringed instruments of the Kassia Ensemble, which give it a different color to each song." "Both the composer and the performers make a fascinating, in depth, approach to a creative universe. A record that is a real treasure.” (translation by Google Translate) “Songs of Lake Volta draws magnificent connecting threads from classical music and contemporary jazz to the music of West Africa." "...Sheehan ... blends classical strings and jazz ensemble playing with nine traditional Ghanaian songs ... as if it's the most natural thing in the world.” “The album's a treat for the ears…” 


World Music “Superbly crafted…” “Songs of Lake Volta is a fascinating project …” “The result is a remarkable mix of Ghanaian melodies, contemporary jazz and classical music”.


Photography: Sarah Bader

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